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Sex and cyclic vomiting syndrome

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  1. Arar7 months ago

    My dicks stiffer then a lobster claw

  2. Sajar
    Sajar7 months ago

    You are way to beautiful to be a adult movie star and yes I made this bogus account just to tell you this. You are a fantastic performer but I think that you should be a dancer with that shockingly beautiful muscular figure of yours. Most ladies would fantasy of being you but you threw it down the drain for random strangers who need to jack off a fountain. Now I get it if you hate me now but I hope you take this into consideration.

  3. Arasho7 months ago

    Wassup y'all want to wing

  4. Gosida
    Gosida7 months ago

    None of those things exist. They are linguistic fictions. Humans have certain behaviors than are called thoughtful. We count. Statements can be inconsistent with other statements. Some things we call beautiful, others not so much. Scientific laws model empirical observation. You can't cut open a person and find their thoughts. There is no beauty outside of beautiful things.

  5. Vorn
    Vorn7 months ago

    Can someone help me find a movie that was just like this. It was on pornhub but it got deleted. It was a black-haired with big tits in a tank top. She was providing some bomb head in front of a motel window. The man was on the right and the lady was on the left. The camera quality was finer that this but it was homemade

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